About the Concert dedicated to 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
About the Concert dedicated to 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

About the Concert dedicated to 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

This year, NMGCS’s inaugural concert was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. We continue to present concerts and excited about sharing cultural resources with our community.


Azerbaijan, known as the Land of Fire is a country located between Europe and Asia – it is the most Eastern European country and the most Western Asian country. This is the birthplace of Zoroastrianism and one of the countries lying on the ancient Silk Road, which connected Europe with India and China

The world’s first oil rig was built in Azerbaijan in 1845. Azerbaijan Democratic Republic became the first democratic republic in the Muslim Orient exactly 100 years ago. Women got voting rights in 1918, before many European countries and the United States. Unfortunately, the republic survived only for 2 years before Communist Russia occupied Azerbaijan in 1920. It was one of the Soviet Republics for more than 70 years until it regained its independence in 1991.

The history of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, starts from the 5th century. Baku is an ancient Asian town with its sophisticated ornaments and eastern flavor. At the same time it resembles a European town and in the beginning of XX century it was called Paris of the Orient. The modern Baku is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.


Azerbaijani national music builds on folk traditions that reach back nearly 1,000 years. It’s based generally on Mugham. Mugham is not just folk music, but is a highly professional music, a sophisticated art.

At the beginning of the XX century the great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli brought European classical music to Azerbaijan. He worked on the theory of mugam modes which made it possible to unite Azerbaijani traditional music with classical music of Europe. Azerbaijan classical music includes a range of musical styles rooted in the national traditions whilst also being strongly influenced by European classical music. This is the most incredible, exciting and unique music you can ever hear.

The first Conservatory in Asia was opened in Baku, first opera, first musical, first ballet, first symphony ever written in Asia had been produced in Azerbaijan.

Today, you will hear pieces for piano, violin, flute and voice of Azerbaijani composers of different generation.

You can feel the national roots in the music of our composers, as well as European modern styles and genres influencing the composers. The synthesis of the European and Eastern music gives a wonderful, very original, unique music which we are happy to introduce.

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