Mission Statement

National Music & Global Culture Society (NMGCS) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to unite our multicultural community through the advocacy of music from around the world.

NMGCS serves as a bridge for connecting communities to global and multinational culture through classical music.

As NMGCS serves as a platform for the interactive presentation of music from around the world, we are also committed to providing disadvantaged communities with access to free concert tickets and educational opportunities for youth.


NMGCS guides people to gain a better understanding of different nations’ music.

NMGCS’ goal is to help our diverse society better communicate through appreciation of global, multinational culture.

  • Provide accessible music lessons to disadvantaged youth
  • Conduct contests
  • Organize concerts and festivals
  • Develop and sustain a database of Azerbaijani musicians and those who are involved with the community
  • Publish a quarterly online magazine dedicated to events and news of music