Reference Pieces for The Hajibeyli International Composition Competition

If Not That One, Then This One

If Not That One, Then This One (commonly known as “Mashadi Ibad”) is an operetta in four acts describing the Azerbaijani society of the time, written in 1910 by Uzeyir Hajibeyli.

1Song of Mashadi Ibad
pp. 20 – 23 (in full score)
00:22:17 (in Azerbaijani)
00:21:20 (in Russian)
2Deyirlər ki, toy olacaq choir
pp. 32 – 37 (in full score)
00:33:13 (in Azerbaijani)
00:32:03 (in Russian)
3Gedək, gedək qazıya deyək choir
pp. 88 – 92 (in full score)
01:25:59 (in Azerbaijani)
01:22:39 (in Russian)
Table 1. If Not That One, Then This One

If Not That One Then This One (in Azerbaijani)

If Not That One Then This One(in Russian)

“O Olmasin, Bu Olsun (If Not This One, That One) Composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1885-1948) was a multi-talented genius who excelled in depicting the social issues of his day. The musical comedy, “O Olmasin, Bu Olsun” (often called by the name of its protagonist, “Mashadi Ibad”)…” Read more

Arshin Mal Alan

Arshin Mal Alan (lit. The Cloth Peddler) is a romantic operetta written in 1913 by Uzeyir Hajibeyli.

4Aria of Asker
pp. 11 – 19 (in full score)
00:03:50 (in Azerbaijani)
00:01:08 (in Russian)
5Choir of Girls
pp. 47 – 50 (in full score)
00:24:40 (in Azerbaijani)
00:22:22 (in Russian)
6Aria of Gulchohra
pp. 58 – 69 (in full score)
00:30:40 (in Azerbaijani)
00:31:44 (in Russian)
7Song of Asya
pp. 101 – 105 (in full score)
00:57:09 (in Azerbaijani)
00:58:42 (in Russian)
Table 2. Arshin Mal Alan

Arshin Mal Alan (in Azerbaijani)

Arshin Mal Alan (in Russian with English subtitles)

Arshin Mal Alan (The Cloth Peddler) The music in Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s comedy “Arshin Mal Alan” [1913] has been described as the most optimistic music of pre-Revolutionary Azerbaijan [prior to 1920]. No work expresses more…” Read more


Koroglu (lit. The Blind Man’s Son) is an opera in five acts based on the epic of the same name presented in 1937 written by Uzeyir Hajibeyli.

pp. 1 – 2 (in full score)
9Aria of Nigar
pp. 46 – 47 (in full score)
10Aria of Koroglu
pp. 64 – 66 (in full score)
Table 3. Koroglu

Koroglu (opera)

“Booklet of Uzeyir Hajibeyli’s “Koroglu” opera Uzeyir Hajibeyli’s “Koroghlu” opera is considered one of the unique samples of the world’s classical operas. The opera has been composed in 1932-1936 and…” Read more